Tribal Wave

The Tribal Wave is celebrated for it's bold & beautiful defined curl pattern. This hair is of excellent quality with its medium to low luster this hair blends impeccably with 3b hair texture. The Tribal wave can become frizzy in humid climates, but is low maintenance. This hair can be straightened.

Weft Type: Machine-Wefted; Double-Wefted

Weight: Approximately 3.5 grams

For full installs, we recommend 8 ounces (subtle fullness) to 10 - 12* ounces (ample fullness). Tighter patterns require fewer ounces, looser patterns require more. Lengths shorter than 16 inches require fewer ounces. Lengths 16 inches and greater require more.

Color: Natural Black 1b , Natural Brown 2-4

(can be professionally colored) Lengths 12"-30" (hairs true length

*** Every bundle of hair is single drawn and comes from one donor, which means every bundle has natural layers**

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